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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative Arts - CR4, AA

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Students will gain an understanding of the fine and creative arts through the study of foundations, history, critical analysis, and performance/exhibition. Learning opportunities include courses in theater/theatrical performance, choir, piano, instrumental ensemble, orchestra, ceramics/sculpture, drawing/painting, photography/digital imaging, and architecture.

Core (42 SCH)

Core Curriculum Options  

Area of Concentration (12SCH)

Select courses from the following:

Select courses from the following:

Select courses from the following:

General and Creative Arts Electives (6 SCH)

Select courses from following rubrics:

  • ARCH
  • ARTS
  • DRAM

Total Semester Credit Hours = 60

Music - 1st semester music requires MUSI 1311 , MUSI 1116 , MUSI 1181 , MUEN 11XX, and freshman level MUAP 12XX. See Recommended Music Courses (FOS). Church Music - Students must enroll in MUSI 1307  a class that provides an emphasis on Church Music in addition to MUSI 1311 , MUSI 1312 , MUSI 1116 , and MUSI 1117 . Electives must include 2 semesters of both MUEN and freshman level MUAP as well as 1 SCH of either Piano Class or Applied Piano.

Contacts: Architecture: - Paul Lucke at 281.425.6465,
Art/Photography & Digital Imaging- Jennifer Herzberg at 281.425.6484,; Elena Poirot 281.425.6485,
Music- Charlotte Mueller at 281.425.6858,, John Weinel at 281.425.6351,, or Ken Booker at 281.425.6350,
Drama - Kim Martin at 281.425.6264,

♦ Core curriculum course.

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